$1.65 for 16.9 fluid ounces, consider buying a bottle of metromint.  What is metromint?

In short:  100% pure water, 100% pure mint, 100% ahhh (per the website).

So, why is the Money Heifer recommending this product?  Just a suggestion.

If you are Roman Catholic and have fasted for today, Ash Wednesday, and will fast every Friday during Lent, metromint is a triple treat because (a) it provides a sensation of ahhh and you aren’t cheating by eating food, (b) others won’t know you are fasting (hint: your breath) because it is 100% mint and (c) ladies, 0 calories.  Need the Money Heifer say more?

metromint comes in multiple flavors.  I purchased goodberrymint.  Liked it so much, during the “lunch” break, went to the local natural food store and purchased four more bottles (I may need to purchase another one to ensure I have one for each Friday during Lent).

And again, at just $1.65 per bottle, a bargain.  How much do you spend for lunch during the other days of the work week?


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