The Oscar for Best Film

I don’t have time, nor the inclination, to spend money seeing all the films nominated for Oscars.  Too many other activities occupy my time.  But I have a “secret weapon” for identifying the film that will likely win the Oscar for best movie, and spending money for that film only.  What’s the “secret weapon”?  My brother.

My brother is a huge Hollywood and film making enthusiast.  I never got around to seeing any movies last year (even forgot that The King’s Speech won the Oscar for best film).  But two years ago, I asked my brother – what one film should I see?  He recommended The Hurt Locker.  You may recall The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar.

Three years ago I asked my brother –  what one film should I see?  He recommended Slumdog Millionaire which one multiple Oscars including best movie.

For this year, same question.  My brother recommended The Artist.  And the rest is history.

The Money Heifer appreciates her brother helping to “maximize my dollars” by spending money only on the film that will win.   Hmmm, too bad my brother doesn’t have a similar eye for the lotto  🙂


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