Henceforth, will buy lottery tickets in Maryland

One of the three winning tickets for the big mega lottery was purchased in Maryland (no, The Money Heifer never got around to purchase a ticket). Heard on the news this morning that Maryland is one of the jurisdictions allowing lottery winners to remain anonymous. Thank you for such foresight, Maryland. Just because one wins a mega lottery should not mean the winner is now a public figure.

Hmmm, wonder if the winner from Maryland works in my building? Guess I’ll find out on Monday. Meanwhile I now know, from now on, purchase lottery tickets in Maryland ūüôā


Surgery required and no health insurance

Someone told me yesterday she needs to have surgery.  But she has a job which provides no health insurance.  This is not some lazy bum.  She works full-time.

There’s a reason why the health care system we presently have in this country¬†is broken. A true civilized society would have confronted this issue head-on years ago.¬† The fact that we want our¬†young ones¬†to become educated citizenry (the funding is not equal across all school systems) but we don’t want a healthy¬†citizenry doesn’t comport in my mind with a democratic society (and definitely not an enlightened one).

And let’s not forget that a lot of individuals in this country file for bankruptcy due to medical bills.¬† So this individual who has to have surgery but doesn’t have health insurance, I doubt she has $10,000 sitting in the bank to cover this expense.¬† Which means, it will take some significant time for her to pay off her medical debts.¬† And if she doesn’t pay in a prompt manner, then the¬†hospital will turn the bills over to a collection agency, which will hound her.¬† The unpaid medical bills will be reported to the¬†three credit report agencies, which will result in a lower FICO score, which means if she needs to borrow money, she will have to pay a higher interest rate.¬† And some future prospective employer may decline to hire her because of her low FICO score, assuming she can’t handle her finances.¬† And this vicious domino effect is attributable to the lack of basic national health insurance for all.

Enough said.

Subscription terminated

Called Wall Street Journal today and cancelled my subscription. Will receive my last issue tomorrow.

Oh well, will resume practice of reading the Wall Street Journal during lunch. Luckily my boss subscribes and brings the paper to work. ūüôā

Unexpected Gift Card

In today’s mail I received a card from the restaurant chain Ruby


Tuesday. I wondered, has Ruby Tuesday opened a new restaurant in my area? I opened the card. Enclosed – $10 gift card. See attached photo. Nothing about a new restaurant. Where is the closest Ruby Tuesday? I don’t know but I plan to find out ūüôā

Making purchases based on gas points

In speaking with a colleague at work the other day, we began talking about the “gas points” one can earn by buying selected food & other products each week at Giant. She couldn’t believe I was such a gas snob that I would not use the gas points & allowed them to expire. Even though I recently began to use my gas points, I noticed the gasoline at the station with the gas points is about 10¬Ę higher than the gas station I typically patronize.

Anyway a few days ago at work I opened the freezer to retrieve a Healthy Choice entree. I noticed about 5 or so mini pizzas. I asked my co-worker, are these your pizzas? She replied yes and then added gas points.

I guess we all save where we can (for me, it will be some other way).

An editor without a printer

Really? Yes, it is temporary (need to call Dell).

I’m in the process of proof reading a 40 page newsletter (can’t do by looking at the screen). Need to print the 40 page Microsoft Publisher document. So I said hello Fedex Office (still think of it as Kinko’s). Anyway, it is great that you can insert your thumb drive into a device to print your document. The process of reading & printing was more than a tad slow (apparently because I lots of photos, but I was


on my lunch break & needed to return to work asap).

Anyway document printed. If you are ever in a pinch, check out Fedex Office.  (And I need to call Dell  tomorrow. The Money Heifer hates to spend money unnecessarily).

Wall Street Journal: Keep or let go?

I have been a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal for just over a year. The price for the 1st year: $119. It is time to renew. The price for a year: $163. Still a fabulous deal.

It’s not the price that concerns The Money Heifer. It is the lack of time.

For the past month or so, I have barely opened The Wall Street Journal. Too busy doing other things. And gardening will take up a lot of my time in the very near future. If I lack the time now to read, things will not improve with the warmer weather, longer days & more distractions.

So I guess the decision is made reluctantly. Goodbye Wall Street Journal.

Overpayment Refund = Principal Payment

Today I made a principal payment on the 2nd trust after receiving a reimbursement yesterday ¬†from Aetna ($106) for a dental visit (still waiting for my hefty $14 reimbursement from Blue Cross Blue Shield).¬† Today, upon arriving home, I found a check from the local electric company.¬† I received a overpayment refund in the amount of $278.63 (I wish the electric company would allow a sizeable credit like the local gas company).¬† Oh well, this unexpected windfall is destined to be used for one purpose:¬† to reduce the 2nd trust through principal payments.¬† Back to the credit union tomorrow.¬† (Yes, they likely do recognize my car¬†due to¬†my frequent visits)¬† ūüôā

On the other hand

With the price for regular gasoline quickly approaching $4.00/gallon, I contacted the finance department at my job to resume receiving a transit subsidy. But there is a problem: the transit subsidy has been cut. $125/month would not cover my transit fare for the month. I would have to pay about another $50 out-of-pocket.

I would not be saving my gas money as I had hoped. And in about another month or so, I’ll start my vegetable¬† & fruit garden. Will need some extra time in the morning for watering & weeding. Hence I will continue to drive to work.

Follow-up: Deed not recorded

Over a year ago i blogged about learning that the deed (actually deed of trust) was not recorded with the Recorder of Deeds of the District of Columbia. I paid off my condo on 5 October 2010.

This past week I spoke with the mortgage lending officer at my credit union. During the conversation I mentioned that the credit union apparently did not record the deed of trust.

The mortgage lending officer asked me, is the property in DC ? I replied yes. The mortgage lending officer said the credit union did everything it was required to do. He remarked, there are two people making a $100,000 each and they don’t know what they are doing. He told me this is not the 1st time this problem has arisen with DC .

I sent the mortgage lending officer an e-mail  per his request. He will forward it to the appropriate person at the credit union, who will in turn contact officials at the Recorder of of Deeds.

The situation should be cleared up soon. Scary when government officials don’t know what they are supposed to do!

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