Surgery required and no health insurance

Someone told me yesterday she needs to have surgery.  But she has a job which provides no health insurance.  This is not some lazy bum.  She works full-time.

There’s a reason why the health care system we presently have in this country is broken. A true civilized society would have confronted this issue head-on years ago.  The fact that we want our young ones to become educated citizenry (the funding is not equal across all school systems) but we don’t want a healthy citizenry doesn’t comport in my mind with a democratic society (and definitely not an enlightened one).

And let’s not forget that a lot of individuals in this country file for bankruptcy due to medical bills.  So this individual who has to have surgery but doesn’t have health insurance, I doubt she has $10,000 sitting in the bank to cover this expense.  Which means, it will take some significant time for her to pay off her medical debts.  And if she doesn’t pay in a prompt manner, then the hospital will turn the bills over to a collection agency, which will hound her.  The unpaid medical bills will be reported to the three credit report agencies, which will result in a lower FICO score, which means if she needs to borrow money, she will have to pay a higher interest rate.  And some future prospective employer may decline to hire her because of her low FICO score, assuming she can’t handle her finances.  And this vicious domino effect is attributable to the lack of basic national health insurance for all.

Enough said.


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