Money & Politicians

For residents of Ward 5 in the District of Columbia, there’s an upcoming special election on May 15th to select a new council member.  I reside in this ward.  The former Ward 5 Council Member resigned shortly before pleading guilty to stealing over $300,000 that was designated to support a charitable organization he established for disadvantaged children (he apparently just “helped himself”).  I didn’t vote for this council member during the last general election because his Republican challenger raised this allegation (turns out his opponent was right).

So on May 15th there will be 13 names on the ballot: eleven Democratic candidates, one Independent and one Republican.  A local newspaper, Ward 5 Heartbeat (formerly Brookland Heartbeat), has dedicated a lot of space in  its most recent issue to these various candidates.  According to Ward 5 Heartbeat there is a three-way race for the Ward 5 vacancy.  One of the “top three” candidates, who shall remain nameless, has been sued three times by landlords for failing to pay rent.  The fourth lawsuit was initiated by his credit card company seeking $3,211 in overdue bills.

A red flag, a red flag!!

As one of his opponent has stated, “the ability to pay one’s bills [is] an indication of character.”  IMHO, being sued by three landlords for not paying rent is a very bad sign.  I know this particular candidate must really want the Ward 5 council position just for the steady pay with benefits  :-).   (I believe the salary is now just over $100,000; he would be able to pay off those judgments against him).

Why would we as Ward 5 residents, after having been embarrassed by a thief, elect someone whose checkered financial past has been revealed to us in advance of the special election?  Let’s not forget the sitting chair of the DC Council who made national headlines with those two “fully loaded” black on black Lincoln Navigators he insisted on renting (at taxpayer expense) once he “assumed the throne” as chair of the DC Council.   Talk is cheap.  If you run for office in DC, you need to disclose how you manage your personal finances.

The taxes in DC are way too high.  Our money needs to be spent wisely.  I want politicians who will protect our pot of money, not raid it!


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