In a blink of an eye – why we ALL should have disability insurance

I learned last Thursday that an employee down the hall was in a serious car accident while driving to work.  She is presently in a full body cast and is in the intensive care unit (ICU) at  a local hospital.  Her recovery is expected to take at least six months.  Because of the length of time she will be absent from work, she will be out on disability.  If she fully recovers and is able to return to work in six months, who knows if she will still have a job.

This worker likely had plans for Easter or Passover, maybe an activity with family and friends.  She never got to fulfill those plans.  Instead she is in the hospital trying to deal with the unexpected trauma to her body.

I don’t know what more I can say to you about the importance of disability insurance.  You don’t know the day or the hour when you may be in a horrific accident receiving life-threatening injuries.

If you don’t have disability insurance, ask your employer tomorrow.  If your employer doesn’t offer it, check with your auto and/or life insurance company.  Admittedly, disability insurance is much higher if purchased individually than through a group plan.

Don’t delay.  Get disability insurance ASAP!


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