A guarantee from Money magazine.  The guarantee further states,

We guarantee that our money-saving advice will save you an EXTRA $1500 annually – or we’ll refund the cost of your subscription in full.

The cost of the subscription?  $10.  Well, Money magazine is not going out on a limb.

Today I received in the mail from Money Professional Services Division an offer of a 12 month subscription for $10.  The Cover Price is $54.89.  But this offer includes other perks for $10:  (a) MONEY Tablet Edition, (b) Annual Forecast Issue – Best Investments, (c) The MONEY 100 – Best Mutual Funds, (d) Annual Retirement Guide, (e) Best Places to Live – Vacation – Retire, (f) Investing for College, (g) Annual Real Estate and Home Improvement Guide and (h) 401(k) and IRA Check-up.

Even if I don’t save $1500, can’t beat the price for a year subscription.  Will mail payment tomorrow.


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