Update: termination of Wall Street Journal subscription

On Monday March 26th I called the Wall Street Journal to cancel my subscription.  I was informed the subscription would cease effective Wednesday, March 28th and that the carrier would be notified.   To my surprise I received the paper on Wednesday, March 26th. I assumed with each successive day that I would not find the newspaper in my front yard.  But, I continued to receive the newspaper.

I planned to call last week but became preoccupied with matters at work.  Finally, I called this morning.  The sales representative was shocked to learn I was still receiving the paper.  She confirmed their records showed my subscription ended Wednesday, March 28th (though I’m still receiving e-mails daily).  She presumed the carrier is in such a “groove” with delivering the paper to various homes, that he overlooked the fact that I canceled my subscription.

I have no doubt the carrier has been notified to stop delivering the paper to my home.

And, yes, I’ve been too busy to read those “free” issues.


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