Renting Prosperity

From this past Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, an article entitled “Renting Prosperity.”

Below is a quote from the article.

When Americans consumers can’t or – won’t – borrow to purchase the goods and services they’ve come to consider part of their standard of living, how does the economy get back on its feet?

The answer lies in consumers following the example of corporations – that is, becoming more efficient.  The reaction to extended leverage and foolish borrowing isn’t to stop consuming and buying;  it is to consume and buy more intelligently. That’s what the Rentership Society is all about.  And it starts at home.  Literally.  Housing is the biggest single component of consumption in the U.S. economy and the source of much of our present misery.

Interesting food for thought.  Have you noticed a shift from the Ownership Society to the Rentership Society?  Do you own a home?  Is it the source of much of your misery?

To be continued. . . .


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