Don’t Blame the Messenger

Tomorrow in Ward 5 in the District of Columbia will be a special election to select a successor to the former Ward 5 Council Member who was convicted of stealing at least $350,000 to line his pockets.

This special election costs the taxpayers at least $200,000.

I live in Ward 5 and voted early.

The misdeeds of the former council member (convicted felon) came to light because his Republican opponent raised issues about a charitable organization the former council member had established to support low-income children.  The Republican opponent, an accountant, essentially found money was not being used to support low-income children.  The former council member instead spent the money on himself.  OUTRAGEOUS!!

(There  have been a string of government officials in the District of Columbia abusing their positions for personal gain.  Besides the former council member for Ward 5, there were employees at the DC Office of Tax and Revenue who stole about $45 million, over at least at 10 year period.  And there was the case of the former President, Vice President and Treasurer [I believe] of the DC Teachers’ Union who stole members’ contributions.  The President spent money on, among other things, wigs).

Anyway, so how did some supporters of the former Ward 5 council member react to the news of the alleged “theft” of city funds?  They harassed the Republican opponent.  Let me use a stronger and more accurate word:  vandalized.  This political challenger’s home and car were vandalized.  OUTRAGEOUS! 

I wonder what the supporters (and those vandals) of the former Ward 5 Council Member think now, especially since the former Council Member pled guilty and was sentenced to 38 months?  Well, some in Ward 5 are still of the view, if DC were more of a “chocolate city”, Thomas would not have been prosecuted.


This is not an issue of race.  This is an issue of greed.

How come these Ward 5 residents s are not upset that the former Council Member stole money to be allocated to help low-income children?  That’s were the anger should be directed.  And not at the opponent who brought the ethical violations to light,

A thief, is a thief, is a thief.   And IMHO, it’s worse when it is a politician or some other government official entrusted with care to do the right thing.



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