The Money Heifer is stemming right now.  For more details, check out the complaint I just filled with the Better Business Bureau (attached below).

About four or five years ago I pre-paid a “medical expense” at this same hospital.  When I received the statement/explanation of benefits from my insurer, the balance I owed was less than what I had “prepaid.”  I waited for this hospital to reimburse me but it never did.  The amount of the refund was less than $20, so I didn’t get upset.  But as you will read below, the amount I overpaid this time is $215.34The Money Heifer wants her money back ASAP.

And although this hospital is closest to me, I refuse to go there against unless it is an absolute emergency.


On 30 March 2012 I arrived at Providence Hospital for a scheduled CAT SCAN.  Before this testing began, I was taken to an administrative office.  The employee, after confirming my insurance information, told me I have a balance of $427.89.  I was perplexed because I had not been treated at this hospital for several years.  I asked, you say I owe a balance?  She replied yes.  She said for the [yet to be performed] CAT SCAN.  She told me I could pay the balance in FULL, in PART or not at all.  I was very displeased about the request for money at this stage but I agreed to paid the balance in FULL.  The employee gave me a receipt reflecting total estimated charges of $1,774.00 and insurance payments and adjustments of $1,346.11, thus leaving the estimated balance of $427.89 which I paid.  After this process, I was taken to the area of the hospital for the CAT SCAN.Approximately two weeks ago I received an “Explanation of Benefits” from my insurer for the CAT SCAN performed on 30 March 2012 [that was the only service provided at Providence Hospital on that date].  Providence Hospital submitted charges to my insurer totaling $3,198.00.  My plan covered $1,417.04 and the insurer paid $1,204.49.  Thus my insurer notified me that I owe $212.55. I knew this was WRONG because there was no indication that I paid $427.89 on the date of the procedure.Today I received in the mail a “Patient Account Statement” from Providence Hospital stating that I owe “$212.55” and asking me to “PLEASE PAY NOW.”  NOWHERE on the Patient Account Statement is there ANY INDICATION that I paid $427.89 on the day of the CAT SCAN.  I called the number listed on the “Patient Account Statement” twice today, leaving two voice mail messages.  Having not received a response, I called my insurer and explained the situation.  The insurer’s representative explained the insurer would not know if I, as a patient, had made a payment. The insurer processes what the hospital submits.

    1.                                             Desired Settlement:                                            Refund
    2.                                             Desired Outcome Description:                                            I do not OWE Providence Hospital.  In fact, Providence Hospital OWES me a refund of $215.34.

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