Storage Wars

Have you watched Storage Wars on A&E?  There is a regular cast of characters: Dave (Yuuuup), Barry, Darryl, Brandi & Jared looking to buy low and hopefully find “diamonds” in storage lockers that have been abandoned.  My brother-in-law got my mother hooked on the show and I have to admit I have seen more than a handful of episodes.

But have you ever wonder – what about those people who “abandoned” [lost] their storage lockers?  I wonder if someone has ever watched a show and realized Dave, Barry, Darryl, or Brandi & Jared was pilfering through his/her abandoned storage locker.  What emotions does that person experience: anger, embarrassment, resentment?

Here’s my advice:  first don’t get a storage locker (what a waste of money – unless the military or some other employer pays for your items in storage while you are out fo the country).  If times are tough (yeah, like right now) sell your stuff rather than but it in storage, lose it and watch someone else make negative comments about the contents of your locker or watch someone find that “diamond in the rough” and make money off of your abandoned stuff.


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