Why student loans are no longer “good debt”

The three paragraphs quoted below are from the April 18, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled To Pay Off Loans, Grads Put Off Marriage

“Between the ages of 18 and 22, Jodi Romine took out $74,000 in student loans to help finance her business management degree at Kent State University in Ohio. What seemed like a good investment will  delay her career, her marriage and decision to have children.

Ms. Romine’s $900-a-month loan payments eat up 60% of the paycheck she earns as a bank teller in Beaufort, SC, the best job she could get after graduating in 2008. Her fiance Dean Hawkins, 31, spends 40% of his paycheck on student loans. They each work  more  than 60 hours a week. . . .

They can’t buy a house, visit their families in Ohio as often as they would like or spend money on dates. Plans to marry or have children are on hold, says Ms. Romine.”

Need The Money Heifer Say More?


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