An appreciation for nonprofits

Earlier this year I was invited to join the Board of a community-focused 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization.  I accepted.  So far, a pleasant experience.

I’ve spent some time over the past week and a half seeking sponsors for the nonprofit’s upcoming event in September.  Soliciting donations during this Great Recession – yikes!  So far, I’m 0 for 2.  For one local grocery store our activity does not “match” the store’s mission.  As for the other possibility, I spoke with the owner of an independent hardware store yesterday. Although he would love to be a sponsor, he told me business has been slow and his concern is making payroll (now, that’s reality).

Today and this evening I have contacted four other local businesses and nonprofits [yes, a nonprofit soliciting a nonprofit].  I hope one to two will agree to be sponsors.

The government (at every level) talks about things being tough.  For profit business whine about things being tough.   You want to know what’s truly tough: the non-profit world.

If you have some spare change, please give to a worthy nonprofit.  These organizations work hard to provide a service.


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