Not the perfect parking meter

A perfect parking meter – is there such a thing? In my mind, yes. I prefer the parking meter that issues a receipt for the amount of time you paid for & when the allotted parking expires. You display this receipt by placing it on the vehicle’s dashboard so the receipt is visible.

So what’s not a prefect parking meter? See attached photos. Being “green” I should like the saving of paper. You must type in your parking space number before feeding the meter. But I don’t like the lack of a paper trail as proof of payment. 



You may be thinking – you didn’t get a receipt with the old parking meters. True, but the old parking meters were physically by the one or two parking spaces it covered. However the “not so perfect parking meter” will store information about 5, 10, 20 parking spaces. What happens if there is a malfunction with this meter? How does one prove that one paid for parking? Any in these tough financial times with cash strapped local governments, will the local government acknowledge the parking meter isn’t working & forgo collecting fees generated by parking tickets?

These are the reasons why I prefer the parking meter that issues the paper receipt.


Whole Foods not accepting cash?

Last February Whole Foods stopped accepting checks from customers. I can understand that. Only a small segment wrote checks to pay for their groceries. From Whole Foods’ perspective, customers using checks slowed the movement of the lines. And the costs associated with processing the handful of checks likely outweighed any benefits.

But it appears Whole Foods is moving in a more sinister direction – eliminating payment by cash.

I didn’t experience this first hand but my mother did. She was at the Whole Foods in downtown Silver Spring last Friday. When she approached the register there were signs posted stating payment by credit or debit only. My mother was quite surprised. So were other customers. When some customers inquired why one could not pay with cash, the employees didn’t have an answer.

Yeah, right, the employees knew what was happening & why.

Imho, Whole Foods was using the store as a test pilot for its non-cash initiative.

Sorry Whole Paycheck. I don’t care to grace your stores. I prefer to shop at My Organic Market. The prices are cheaper & they give you a 10¢ credit per reusable bag (better than 05¢ offer by Whole Foods. And best of all: they accept payment by cash.

Forced to use credit card

Yes i am calling out the underground parking at Pentagon Row.  Whoever manages this space has essentially eliminated any costs associated with employees. Just a machine to pay for ticket before exiting.  Being forced to charge $2.00 on my credit card – ridiculous!!! Attached photos


speak volumes.


The cost of convenience – is it worth it?

You have a smart phone.  It allows you to do so much.  You can “buy that deal” quickly with a mobile app.  Banking?  Your bank or credit union likely has an app.

But, like with personal computers, crooks are finding ways to access your sensitive information on your mobile phone.; thus, necessitating the need for anti-virus or security software for your mobile phone.  Great.  More money to spend. 😦

Well, I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.  I’ll refrain from taking advantage of all the conveniences of my smart phone.  I will have to wait (gasp) to use a desktop computer to handle my banking needs [plus I’m already paying for McAfee].

Love the smart phone.  But don’t want to incur any additional expenses.  Oh, the price I have to pay (nothing) for controlling my urge to handle something instantly.


Have you the infomercial about Insanity, an exercise program that guarantees you can lose weight & be super fit within 60 days?

I want to take the Insanity challenge but don’t believe my elbows and knees are up for the challenge.

I wish I could borrow someone’s dvd. And I now know  someone (a niece of a friend) who took the challenge, lost 40 lbs & loves Insanity.

It appears this exercise program is worth purchasing. And it’s much cheaper than a lot of exercise equipment.

Derecho & gasoline prices

It’s funny. Before the derecho that struck in late June in the Washington DC area, gasoline prices were steadily falling. After the derecho, gasoline prices have been on the upswing.

This morning I saw one independent gasoline station charging $3.56 per gallon for regular gasoline. At my favorite gasoline station near my job, the price of regular gasoline was $3.39 per gallon.

I spent the past week in South Carolina, a state that missed the derecho. The cheapest gasoline I found – $2.99 per gallon.

Yes there appears to be a connection between the derecho & higher gasoline prices.

Gone Grazing (July 2012)

The Money Heifer will be away this week.

Please check back next week.


Since the Montreal Expos have come to town and become the Washington Nationals, I have attended the Nats game on the Fourth of July (which the team hosts every other year).

Since I am not a season ticket holder, I turned to the web for tickets. I began with the Washington Nationals’ official website. Couldn’t find a ticket below $30. So I searched for other websites.

I found some sites with great ticket prices but the problem was the fee for delivering the tickets: one website charged $15.95 for guaranteed delivery. Another website charged $24.95 for guaranteed delivery. (When you seek to buy two tickets totaling $30, you don’t want to pay just as much for delivery).

I soon realized the best deal was purchasing electronic tickets. The fees were less (total of $10.40). And I found the best deal on Stubhub.

The best part – I selected top tier seats that had a great view but


were also not exposed to the sun. On a hot & very humid day, you want some shade.

Attached is a photo of the stadium. The Nationals beat the Giants 9 – 4 (& with tonight’s win, the Nationals swept the series).

What a great Fourth of July!

No internet service

Without internet service i cannot make the payment on my 2nd trust which was due Sunday July 1st. Fortunately the payment for the 1st trust is automatic.

No, though I have a smartphone I don’t do mobile banking.

I hope the credit union is open tomorrow. When I drove to my local branch on Saturday morning – after the violent storms Friday night – I discovered my local branch had no power.

If that branch is still closed, I will use my work computer to make payment (& hope the credit ‘s website is not down).

Technology is great but when it’s not working, it sucks because we have become so dependent on it.

I’m not really whining. Although I don’t have internet service (or phone or cable), I do have electricity, extremely valuable with sweltering temperatures!