Since the Montreal Expos have come to town and become the Washington Nationals, I have attended the Nats game on the Fourth of July (which the team hosts every other year).

Since I am not a season ticket holder, I turned to the web for tickets. I began with the Washington Nationals’ official website. Couldn’t find a ticket below $30. So I searched for other websites.

I found some sites with great ticket prices but the problem was the fee for delivering the tickets: one website charged $15.95 for guaranteed delivery. Another website charged $24.95 for guaranteed delivery. (When you seek to buy two tickets totaling $30, you don’t want to pay just as much for delivery).

I soon realized the best deal was purchasing electronic tickets. The fees were less (total of $10.40). And I found the best deal on Stubhub.

The best part – I selected top tier seats that had a great view but


were also not exposed to the sun. On a hot & very humid day, you want some shade.

Attached is a photo of the stadium. The Nationals beat the Giants 9 – 4 (& with tonight’s win, the Nationals swept the series).

What a great Fourth of July!


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