The cost of convenience – is it worth it?

You have a smart phone.  It allows you to do so much.  You can “buy that deal” quickly with a mobile app.  Banking?  Your bank or credit union likely has an app.

But, like with personal computers, crooks are finding ways to access your sensitive information on your mobile phone.; thus, necessitating the need for anti-virus or security software for your mobile phone.  Great.  More money to spend. 😦

Well, I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.  I’ll refrain from taking advantage of all the conveniences of my smart phone.  I will have to wait (gasp) to use a desktop computer to handle my banking needs [plus I’m already paying for McAfee].

Love the smart phone.  But don’t want to incur any additional expenses.  Oh, the price I have to pay (nothing) for controlling my urge to handle something instantly.


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