Whole Foods not accepting cash?

Last February Whole Foods stopped accepting checks from customers. I can understand that. Only a small segment wrote checks to pay for their groceries. From Whole Foods’ perspective, customers using checks slowed the movement of the lines. And the costs associated with processing the handful of checks likely outweighed any benefits.

But it appears Whole Foods is moving in a more sinister direction – eliminating payment by cash.

I didn’t experience this first hand but my mother did. She was at the Whole Foods in downtown Silver Spring last Friday. When she approached the register there were signs posted stating payment by credit or debit only. My mother was quite surprised. So were other customers. When some customers inquired why one could not pay with cash, the employees didn’t have an answer.

Yeah, right, the employees knew what was happening & why.

Imho, Whole Foods was using the store as a test pilot for its non-cash initiative.

Sorry Whole Paycheck. I don’t care to grace your stores. I prefer to shop at My Organic Market. The prices are cheaper & they give you a 10¢ credit per reusable bag (better than 05¢ offer by Whole Foods. And best of all: they accept payment by cash.



  1. August 27, 2012 at 6:04 am

    That´s a pitty, imagine poorer people, which get paid in cash: they are happy to go to get some groceries and what happens on the line? Right, no cash acceptance. It´s a pitty.

    • Medusa Gorgonzola said,

      June 9, 2014 at 12:04 pm

      River Forest, IL (west burb of Chicago) – weekend of June 7-8 2014 – NOT ACCEPTING CASH!!! I’m super upset! There are certain things I can only get at Whole Foods. Nobody else carries them. I REFUSE to use credit or debit there after the Target data breach. That kind of crap is going to eventually happen everywhere. This is insane! And un-American! And possibly against the law????

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