Liking on Facebook May Cost You Your Job

This is no joke. And who can afford losing her job in this economy?

As reported in the August 8, 2012 edition of The Washington Post:

“Daniel Ray Carter Jr. logged on to Facebook and did what millions do each day: He ‘liked’ a page by clicking the site’s thumbs up icon. The problem was that the page was for a candidate who was challenging his boss, the sheriff of Hampton, Va.

That simple mouse click, Carter says, caused the sheriff to fire him from his job as a deputy and put him at the center of an emerging First Amendment debate over the ubiquitous digital seal of approval: Is liking something on Facebook protected free speech?”

The article continues by stating a district judge (trial judge) at a federal court in Virginia ruled against Carter and five other plaintiffs. Now those plaintiffs have appealed the ruling to the federal appellate court in Richmond, Virginia (known as the Fourth Circuit).

While waiting for the Fourth Circuit’s ruling, think twice about what you like on Facebook. It may come back & bite you and your wallet.


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