And for your birthday. . .

I received a letter from my group disability policy company. Because I had reached a certain age, the amount charged for coverage has increased $20 per pay period from $24 per pay period to $44 per pay period.

So you think a $20 increase is small potatoes. But $20 per pay period times 26 pay periods equals $520.

What’s the big deal? In the grand scheme of things, it is not a substantial increase. But it is another financial nick. As a federal government employee my salary has been frozen the last two years. But my health plan has increased the past two years, my dental policy has increased the past two years. So, these are additional nicks to my pay check.

Have you noticed the price of gasoline climbing upwards?  Because of this, I have less disposable income.  And because of the drought particularly in rhetorically Midwest, the price of food has and will increase.

Lots of little financial nicks all over.

To my disability policy company, thanks – not – for making my birthday special.


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