The Money Heifer

I had a medical procedure earlier this year. The invoices and explanations of benefits (from the insurer) have arrived in my mailbox at an irregular pace. I assumed I was in the all clear when I paid the balance on one bill totaling $767.78.

But then I arrived home this evening. I saw two envelopes from my insurer. I owe a doctor $29.95 (related to the medical procedure). When I opened the other envelope, I almost had a heart attack. I owe the provider $1,913.29. What!!  That amount would virtually wipe out my mini emergency fund.

I called my mother and whined. During our conversation I noticed the submitted charges total $23,085.00 appeared similar to another explanation of benefits.

I later called my sister and whined. She told me, maybe it is an instance of double billing. When I compared the submitted charges of both explanations of benefits …

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