There should be a STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on submitting medical bills

Upon arriving home I checked my mail and noticed a medical bill.  The return address, College Park, Maryland, was unfamiliar.  I opened the envelope $450 due upon receipt.  What!!  For a scan on April 2, 2012.  Well, what took  this medical office so long?

I am not happy.

I pulled out my binder with my medical bills and various Explanation of Benefits from my insurer.  I locate an Explanation of Benefits from my insurer of May 9, 2012 for $450 for services provided on April 2, 2012.  The insurer listed a remark code (sequence of numbers) and then provided the following explanation:

Your claim is currently being reviewed.  To correctly provide benefits under your coverage for these charges, we need all medical records that support the services on the claim along with a copy of this EOB.  Please return this information to us at the address shown on the EOB.

My insurer, as a practice, will send a follow-up EOB or Explanation of Benefits upon approving charges.  I cannot find that paperwork.  So I will call my insurer of Monday to ensure this bill is legit.

And, like I’ve said before, it is a challenge to plan your paycheck, budget your money when a medical bill arrives five months after services provided.  There must be a more efficient way.  This present process is so frustrating.  And, there should be a requirement that medical bills be submitted and then approved or denied quickly.




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