Sneaky, slimy practice by a hospital

My mom called me this evening. She has an appointment at a local hospital for an MRI tomorrow.  My mother made this appointment about two weeks ago.

Last week someone from the radiology department called to obtain her insurance information.

Today someone from the radiology department left a voice mail message confirming tomorrow’s appointment and informing my mother that her co-pay is over $600 or as much as she can pay.

Hospitals have become sneaky & slimy!!

Let’s see, the hospital didn’t want to disclose this information too early because a patient may cancel the appointment (& the hospital doesn’t want to be blamed for discouraging patients from getting the services as ordered by their doctors). And the hospital likely charges a cancellation fee for less than 24 hours’ notice. So the hospital sticks it to the patient by revealing the hefty co-pay in less than 24 hours before the appointment.

Such a practice could negatively affect the patient who is now concerned about paying the bill. So the patient is stressed before taking the test.

I have lost respect for the medical community some time ago. Tactics like this continue to reinforce my negative perceptions. No wonder many Americans have turned to non-traditional or alternative medicine. At least they are honest about fees and services upfront.


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