I am from the government and I am here to help you

Some of you may recognize the above. I’ll explain why this statement came to mind.

I am on the board of a non-profit (became a board member this year). We had our annual event this past month. It was a tremendous  success.

Tonight we had a meeting with a local politician who asked to meet with us. We didn’t know the exact nature of his interest. He made it clear at the meeting: he has been thinking about organizing the very event we have been hosting the past few years.

He told us what he would like to see which such an event. How he wants it to be bigger and better than what we are able to offer presently (of course we volunteer board members have big dreams too but recognize our limited time & resources).

Some of my colleagues were really excited. Sounds great the government can help with organizing such a cultural event (though some may question the use of precious government dollars for a cultural event especially during this ongoing Great Recession).

For me I’m just a little uneasy about government involvement. There are pros & cons. What about the vision of the board? What if this event become too bureaucratic? We have worked with small businesses who have sponsored certain events and have gained recognition through their support.

Right now, I believe in proceeding cautiously with this opportunity.

Ingenuity & creativity usually are found with small businesses & non-profits. We should avoid quashing  these traits.


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