Unexpected delivery

Those of you who read this blog know The Money Heifer lives in the District of Columbia. Hurricane Sandy is approaching. I received telephone notification yesterday evening that I did not have to report for work today.

So I slept in late,  checked the grounds of my property to make sure everything is secure,  returned to the house,  exercised and started some house chores. While upstairs I heard a familiar sound: mail being pushed through the door’s mail slot. Mail is being delivered today? Then there was a knock at the door. I rushed down the stairs,  opened the door & there stood Troy,  the mailman. He held several catalogues in his hand that were too bulky to push through the mail slot. I thanked him & expressed surprise that he is working. He was likewise surprised. I remarked,  “be safe ” as he left my porch.

Hey USPS – not sure who is screaming about the mail (I’m not). Please don’t put your employees in danger.

And customers – please show gratitude to the postal employee. I bet you would not want to switch jobs with your postal carrier on a day like today.


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