The “con” of telecommuting

This Monday and Tuesday my sister’s office was closed due to Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy. But because my sister telecommutes once a week on Thursdays, she was required to work from home on Monday and Tuesday. Say what? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Some employees rave about the benefits of telecommuting but The Money Heifer always weighs the pros and the cons.

Now I don’t want anyone to presume The Money Heifer is lazy. Quite the opposite. This past Saturday I spent three back breaking hours planting trees. Later that day I went to work for about 2 hours. I prepared something for my boss to review for Tuesday. My boss was at the office on Sunday. Because of Sandy, the matter on Tuesday has been rescheduled.

What was funny,  upon returning to work,  on Wednesday and reviewing my email I received an e-mail where a person scheduled to participe in the matter on Tuesday sent me stating “I don’t know if you have access from you home.”

MY answer: absolutely no.  I don’t.

I don”t telecommute.  🙂



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