Attitude of Gratitude

A friend called me this evening.  Over two weeks ago she left a job she hated.  Fortunately she was able to secure another job, in another town.

She has been on the job for a week and is complaining.  She expected to be working in a specific position but that has not come to pass.  As she explained things to me, I realized other circumstances which have nothing to do with her are delaying her settling into the position for which she had been hired.

I advised my friend to be patient.  She is experiencing whiplash due to circumstances beyond her control.  I suggested she just roll with the punches [she replied she is tried of rolling with the punches], smile and excel at the work assigned.  I remarked that things will likely settle down within in a week or two.  During our 10 minute conversation, I must have explained to her at least three times that what’s going on is beyond her control and just ride the waves until order is restored.  She remarked the situation is like the last job she left.  I reminded her that she complained about her last job.  

My friend is fortunate to have this job.  There are still many Americans unemployed or under-employed [in fact, I had a conversation with a family member after my conversation with my friend.  My family member asked me to keep a look out for accounting type positions.  A friend’s son has been unemployed for a year.]

My friend needs to adjust her attitude.  She should have an attitude of gratitude.  She shouldn’t forget that she is fortunate to have a job.  What would her attitude be if she didn’t?


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