Nelson the goat

No, Nelson is not another blogger. He is the real thing, meaning a goat. So what does Nelson have to do with money matters?

Well I, The Money Heifer, drove to a rural area about an hour outside the District of Columbia to pick up composted manure for my backyard vegetable garden. This was my 3rd annual trip.

During the visit to the farm Nelson walked right up to my car and stuck his head inside the window (I had the window down to speak to the farmer). Nelson was curious. Nelson subsequently moved to the passenger side of the car (my mother kept her window up). After we collected the composted manure (no, it doesn’t smell), we headed back to DC.

Later that evening I noticed a crack along the passenger side window. How did that happen? I don’t recall anything striking the window during my journey. And then I thought of Nelson. He had some seriously thick antlers. Was Nelson the source of the crack to my windshield? I can’t prove it.

Long story short, the windshield was replaced yesterday with new wipers. Total cost = $302.91. Thank goodness I have plenty of money in my car maintenance fund (so no stress).

Too bad I didn’t take any photos of Nelson but other photos attached.




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