In search of Pumpkin Pie Spice

Yes, Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I have two recipes requiring pumpkin pie spice as an ingredient.

When I conducted an inventory of my cabinets on Saturday, I checked the expiration date on my pumpkin pie spice – July 2011.  Well, can’t use that again (luckily all of my Vanilla Extract is still good).  I made a list of everything I needed to purchase and headed to the store on Sunday.

I visited two local grocery stores.  Neither had pumpkin pie spice.  How is that possible!  Also, neither store had mini marshmallows.  The Money Heifer was not happy.

This morning, before work, I stopped by a third grocery store operated by the same chain.  Finally, I found the pumpkin pie spice (cost  $5.79 , size = 1.12 oz (31 g) ).  [BTW, that’s the price of lunch for a day].  And, I am happy to report that I finally found the mini marshmallow s at $1.25 (now that’s reasonable).

Okay, so now The Money Heifer can relax.


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