Grateful Not Stuck in Part-Time

As you hunt for deals this Black Friday, elbowing another customer for some merchandise, do you ever consider the employees working at the store?  Probably not.  Many of those employees may be part-timers.  And you say, so what?  At least they have a job.  Well, you may want to be concerned.

Listen to the episode of On Point with Tom Ashbrook entitled “Stuck in Part Time” (show aired on November 15, 2012).   It was really eye-opening and scary.  Do you have a 9 to 5 job with benefits?  You are fortunate (I also fall into this category).  Apparently less than 25% of employees have such positions.  Now that was truly surprising.

Some employers, using sophisticated software, have their employees work shifts at certain times where this high demand only.  These part-time employees don’t have fixed schedules (such as Monday – Friday, 9 – noon) [Starbucks is an exception].  Instead the employee’s schedule is Monday, 10 – noon, Wednesday, 2 – 5, Friday, 5 – 9.  With such a patchwork schedule, it is hard for a part-time employee to obtain another part-time job or even to go to night school to try to better himself/herself.

And some employers have employees call in each day two hours before a potential work time to learn if the employee must report to work that day.  Crazy!  One guest compared the present system to sharecropping.

Please listen to the link below.  The employment situation in the United States is truly scary.


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