Taking a Stand

Americans are still reeling in response to the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,  Connecticut.  Many are asking what can be done to prevent this from happening again?

I don’t think arming the teachers and all law abiding citizens is the answer. The only ones who would benefit are gun manufacturers and funeral homes.

A couple a weeks ago I mentioned in a post an article by Steve Pearlman of The Washington Post who advocated not occupying Wall Street but defunding it.

You can take a stand by investing your hard earned dollars with socially responsible mutual funds that refuse to invest with certain companies as gun manufacturers.

If you have mutual funds that are not socially responsible,  determine if gun manufacturers are part of the portfolio (either by checking online or calling the mutual fund company).

I was pleased to read in today’s Wall Street Journal that “Pension giant California State Teachers’ Retirement System,  or Calstrs,  is reviewing a $500 million investment commitment to Cerberus Capitol Management LP because of the private -equity firm’s ownership of the maker of a weapon used in Friday’s fatal school shooting in Newtown,  Conn.”

Good. That’s a beginning.

You know the most important color in America? Of course,  it is green.  Money talks; money (or the lack thereof)  will foster change.

So take a stand. And remember, never again!


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