Football season ticket holder based on race?

Do you know a football fan who is a season ticket holder based on race? Huh? Stupid question, right?  And so was Rob Parker ‘s comments about The Washington Redskins’ quarterback RGIII.

I decline to repeat the ridiculous comments made by Parker. But if Parker is right, wouldn’t his viewpoints be reflected in ticket sales?

Of course I haven’t surveyed the 32 NFL teams but I am almost certain there is no correlation between the race of the quarterback (or if that quarterback has tons of tatoos covering his body) and ticket sales.

But guess what significantly impacts ticket sales? Performance!! If your football team stinks year after year, like the Redskins did prior to RGIII ‘s arrival,  fans don’t want to waste their hard earned dollars on losers (like The Washington Wizards;  but one can purchase a ticket to a home game for less than $2 on Stubhub). And in this economy, which is still treading along in the recession gear,  one may have other demands for limited dollars.

Let’s keep sports defined by performance and not race baiting topics. Rob Parker – if that’s how you operate,  please exit the sports arena and enter the political arena.

And the rest us will enjoy watching football or not based on our team’s performance.


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