Where’s my 3 cents?

Yesterday morning I stopped at a local grocery store before work. Once I pulled the items from the shelf,  I walked to the checkout area. This local grocery has installed a number of self checkout lanes. I decided to proceed to one of those lanes. My purchase totaled $11.07. I paid by cash in the amount of $20.10.  After processing  one five dollar bill and four one dollar bills were dispensed. And the automated voice stated, “Thank you for shopping at Giant. Don’t forget to pick up your change and your receipt.”

Hey,  wait a minute,  where is my 3 cents?

Maybe a lot of customers would not have cared about losing 3 cents.  I, The Money Heifer, have a different perspective.

I got the attention of an employee nearby. Once she arrived I explained the machine owes me 3 cents (it dispensed the nine dollars but not the 3 cents) . This employee turned around and told another employee,  “this machine didn’t give change again.” (Yes,  Houston we have a problem).

I was ultimately given 3 cents. And I hope the store either closed this particular self-checkout machine or posted a sign,  “no cash transactions.”

I pick up pennies off the ground routinely.  So of course I will insist on receiving the full amount owed me including those 3 cents.  🙂


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