Sequestration & filing your taxes

If you owe the government money, you have no worries.  File your taxes as usual on April 14 or 15. However if the government owes you money, be concerned.

Sequestration shall hit the federal government come March 1st (unless Congress decides to kick the can down the road again) .  If you want your refund in a timely manner,  file your taxes ASAP.

I expect a refund and typically would have filed my taxes by now. However last year I was a presenter at a conference. I received $150 honorarium,  $200 toward transportation,  registration paid for including two meals and lodging for two nights. I anticipate receiving a Form 1099 or some equivalent to document this income. So far I haven’t received anything. Will contact someone tomorrow.

Sequestration is no joke. If entitled to a refund,  file your taxes now!


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