Follow-up: Smells like an attempted identity theft

In my previous post I mentioned receiving a letter from Experian.  The next day I called the number listed in the letter. I never had an opportunity to speak with a human being.  I was given the option to receive my credit report for review.  I thus requested my credit report.

I received the credit report yesterday.  I anxiously reviewed each page.  What a relief!  No evidence of any attempt to open an account (yeah, baby, that security freeze works!).  The apparent discrepancy is my address.  Apparently a creditor recently reported my address as street, instead of place.  And I have no one to blame but myself.

On Monday morning I made a purchase at a store.  When asked if I wanted a catalog, I replied yes and provided my address.  After departing the store, my mother, who was with me, told me I identified my address as street, not place.  Really?  Boy, did I have a senior moment. 😦

I am really impressed with the speed at which Experian responded to this discrepancy.  And, I still can’t believe I misspoke.  But, I am so relieved (not an attempted identity theft).

So maybe you think it’s worth purchasing Life Lock for peace of mind.  I prefer the security freeze.  It’s just as effective (credit is extended to no one unless you have the pin or password).  And it’s much cheaper 🙂



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