When will it stop?

I’m not talking about gun violence. That’s a serious issue. As gun advocates and gun opponents battle over the right to bear arms vs gun control,  it seems virtually every week there are innocent individuals slain by guns. The media focuses on the latest tragedy, we watch thanking God it is not us and then we move on.

But what also needs to stop are politicians stealing money. The latest example is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. I have not read any accounts but have heard some details second hand.

Why are people infatuated with having things, especially expensive things?  If you want a very expensive Rolex Watch, work hard & save your money and pay for it. But why does one need a very expensive Rolex Watch? Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses!

How many constituents did Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. represent who live paycheck to paycheck,  who are just keeping their heads above water but are doing so honestly?  The answer: many. So it’s really sad that constituents voted for someone who they believed shared the same values and  understood their circumstances,  who likely campaigned on issues such as income and wealth disparity, and yet this politician’s actions speak louder than his words.

Speaking of words,  Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post mentioned in her column today that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his father co-authored a book on personal finance. I forgot about that.  Never read the book. I guess Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. didn’t either.


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