$.16 in less than 10 minutes

Haven’t you heard that you can get your 30 minute workout through incremental exercise during the day?  One of my favorite exercises is stretching for change (coins).

Today, at CVS, I grabbed a birthday card.  Approaching the cash register, I noticed a nickel on the floor.  Using my glutes, knees, thighs and arms, I lowered myself to the ground to retrieve that nickel.

I then drove to Staples.  I took advantage of 20% off everything I could fit into a reusable bag [great time to purchase ink cartridge].  At the cash register, on the counter, was a penny.  My fingers enjoyed the stretch.  After my purchase, as I walked toward the exit, I noticed a dime on the floor, which I stooped down to retrieve.

Yes, picking up change has two benefits: (a) stretching muscles and maintaining a flexible body and (b) adding coins to piggy bank for a deposit at the end of the year.   🙂


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