Staples Easy Rebate

HELLO Staples.  The fact that you do not give me the rebate at the time of purchase means it is not easy.

If Staples really wanted to ensure its customers got the rebate easily and quickly, one would not have to go through the process of logging onto a website or filling out and mailing a rebate redemption form (of course, I log onto the website).  Staples knows some customers will totally forget to request the rebate within 60 days of the date of purchase and that’s money saved for Staples.

To ensure I wouldn’t forget, after purchasing items last Sunday, I kept the bulky receipt in my wallet.  On Saturday, as I cleaned out my wallet, I realized I had claimed my rebate.  Took care of it that day.

Today, I visited Staples during lunch and purchased two more items that qualified for the rebate.  I logged onto the website and requested my rebate this evening.

So, in about six weeks or so, I will receive one check for $3 and another check for $6.

Yeah, easy rebate, Staples.  Not!


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