The domino effect of sequestration

Reality has hit. So what are the consequences of sequestration?

#1 – I contribute 10% of my net pay to my local church &  charitable organizations (yes, Dave Ramsey,  that’s net not gross). My contributions will therefore be slashed accordingly.

#2 – 10% pretax is deducted from my paycheck for retirement. With a smaller paycheck,  my retirement contribution will be reduced accordingly.

#3 – no change to my Roth IRA contribution since I allot a fixed dollar amount per pay period. Ditto for the allotment to a savings account.

#4 – with a reduced paycheck I will have to stop making principal payments on my 2nd trust. Bummer 😦  I am on track to pay off $3,000 in the 1st three months.

#5 – definitely cannot afford to have someone mow my lawn. This service cost $55 for every mow. Better get my lawn mower tuned up.

#6 – can I afford the installation of drip irrigation? I have a consult this Saturday. Hopefully this won’t be overally expensive. Learned today my total tax refund is smaller than I hoped.

# 7 – glad I ordered seeds already. Vegetable gardening this year will be more than just a hobby. It will be a necessity!


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