$3.56 for one red bell pepper!

I stopped to shop at my favorite grocery store this evening, M.O.M. or My Organic Market.  Trying to eat healthier, I purchased certain items.  One item I selected was a red bell pepper.  The sign listed the price as $6.99 per pound.  I assumed the one bell pepper I selected wouldn’t cost that much.

Boy, was I wrong!  This bell pepper weighed .51 pounds.  I could not have imagined that one bell pepper costing $3.56.

In contrast, 2.23 pounds of banana cost $1,76.  A  5 oz container of spring lettuce mix cost $3.99.  Baby carrots = $1.99.

Hmmm, it has got to be cheaper GROWING red bell peppers.  I’ve grown peppers the last few years.  Not sure if I have seeds for red bell peppers.  If not, I will grow and enjoy whatever variety of bell peppers I have in stock.


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