Costco to the rescue

In my last blog I whined (& rightfully so) about paying $3.56 for one red bell pepper. Yesterday I was at Costco. At one point while loading an item in the shopping cart, I noticed another customer pushing a shopping cart with a bag of six large red bell peppers. That’s right, Costco sells produce.

I began my quest. When I located the holy grail, umh, the bag of bell peppers, the price was right: six bell peppers for $6.99. Yippie.

As I reached for the bag of red bell peppers, a dazzling display of colors caught my eyes: a bag of six bell peppers containing a pair of red, a pair of yellow and a pair of orange bell peppers. Of course I purchased the variety pack.

Thanks Costco to coming to my rescue. My goal of eating healthy is not thwarted by sky high prices.

And tonight I saved the seeds of the red bell pepper. Will grow this year and next.


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