A rate a loan shark would charge: $.73 per page

I am in the process of switching doctors. I contacted the office of my former doctor to request my records be transferred to my newly selected doctor. I was told I had to submit the request in writing. Not a problem. Then I was told there is a photocopying fee of $.73 per page. And there is some other administrative fee for processing the request.

The $.12 per copy charged at Staples and FedEx Office is truly a bargain.

And I wish we had the medical system established in France. All your medical records are stored on a electronic card. You carry that card to each appointment. No usurious fees in France. And they save on paper.


Life long ban on food stamp benefits

I subscribe to a Google group called DC Food For All. The post I read today is rather alarming.

The Senate approved,  without any debate,  an amendment to the Farm Bill that would impose a lifetime ban on food stamp benefits for people who have been convicted of certain violent crimes (murderers, rapists & pedophiles). But the implications do not end there. The felon’s family members would receive a reduced level of food stamp benefits.

Wow. Stunning.  I am speechless.

For more info,  search for the blog (on wordpress)  entitled “Poverty & Policy. “

How low can I go?

My credit union likely envisioned giving its members the flexibility to make principal payments on loans when it added this feature to its website a few years ago.  Well, I can’t imagine the credit union envisioned a member like me.

I have made principal payments of low dollar amounts (such as $2.21) in the past.  But I think I have reached a new low.  $.10.  That’s right, ten cents.  And you say, why bother (minus exercise for your fingers)?

Well, before each month’s payment, I like the balance to be whole dollars and no cents.  And my balance on the loan was $xx,xxx.10.  I couldn’t stand looking at that $.10.  And thus the reason for my transaction this a.m. 🙂

Shout out to Aetna Dental

On the advice of the receptionist at my dentist’s office a few years ago, I selected Aetna Dental as my dental insurer.  I have thanked her each time I see her.

I see the dentist twice a year.  The total charge for my most recent appointment was $188.  Received a reimbursement check from Aetna Dental in the amount of $164. BlueCross BlueShield will reimburse me $24 (and who knows when that check will arrive).  Reimbursement = 100%!!

Although this is “found money” as one friend labels reimbursement, I can’t spend it freely.  As of April this year I stopped making principal payments on my 2nd trust and have been setting aside that money in a savings account.  But this “found money” will be applied to my 2nd trust (yippee).  

Crumbling Infrastructure – correction

I am happy to report – no fatalities from collapsed bridge in Washington state.

The issue remains why did this bridge collapse?  Who didn’t conduct a regular inspection?  The taxes collected should cover maintenance for bridges so where is that money?

Crumbling infrastructure

Tonight a bridge collapsed in Washington state. News agency report at least one death. Shameful!

This should not happen in America.

Why don’t we have the funds to maintain our infrastructure?  Instead of voting on issues such as guns or gay marriage, a more fundamental issue must be considered: where is the money for roads, bridges, water pipes, etc?

Does Austerity Kill?

Economist David Stuckler and physician Sanjay Basu examine the health impacts of austerity by governments around the world (primarily the United States and Europe) . Their new book is entitled “The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills.”

Do you give any credence to their hypothesis?

Does Austerity Kill?

Economist David Stuckler and physician Sanjay Basu examine the health impacts of austerity by governments around the world (primarily the United States and Europe) . Their new book is entitled “The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills.”

Do you give any credence to their hypothesis?

Would you buy a wedding present for your home team’s quarterback?

I am a sports fan and I listen to sports talk radio.  The topic de jure is something RG3 re-tweeted yesterday.

Here’s the background:  RG3, the quarterback for The Washington Redskins, is engaged and will be married in July.  RG3 and his finance Rebecca are registered at various stores under their real names [not too bright if you ask me].  Some overzealous fans {my label} discovered where RG3 is registered.  And these fans {not sure how many} purchased wedding gifts for RG3 and his bride-to-be.

RG3 tweeted, thanking fans for the wedding gifts.  Then some other fans complained about RG3 accepting these gifts.  Some suggested RG3 should donate the gifts to charity.  RG3 replied by calling these fans “haters.”  He remarked – just because I am rich, doesn’t means I can’t accept wedding gifts.  He also tweeted a picture of himself surrounded by those gifts from fans {I don’t follow RG3 & haven’t seen the picture.}

So on a slow sports day you can imagine this story has been “picked up” and the national pundits have expressed their views.

There are two sports talk radio stations in the DC area.  During the same time frame this afternoon, the hosts of one show questioned RG3’s judgment.  On the other show, the hosts were defending RG3 and berating the national media.

Here’s The Money Heifer’s perspective:  why would you spend your hard earned dollars on an athlete {who more than likely makes much more than you the fan} for his upcoming wedding that you, as a fan, are not attending?  I think some of the “hero” worship of RG3 has gone a bit too far.

If you as a fan are following RG3 on twitter, just tweet him a message congratulating him.

I know people can spend their money the way they want to but there has got to be a smarter use of one’s limited funds.  If you as a fan really want to send something (because a tweet is too “impersonal”), mail RG3 a congratulatory card and address it to Redskins Park.

One final thought for those fans:  get a life!!!

New patient fee?

I called and scheduled an appointment with a doctor’s office. I am a new patient. This doctor’s office charges a $40 reservation fee for new patients. The fee is charged the day I make the appointment. What?

The receptionist explained on the day of the appointment, I will be credited the $40.

I guess this particular doctor has experienced a number of problems with new patients?

I understand a no-show fee or failing to cancel within 24 hour fee. But a fee charged as a new patient at the moment one makes an appointment, BEFORE seeing the doctor?


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