Shout out to Aetna Dental

On the advice of the receptionist at my dentist’s office a few years ago, I selected Aetna Dental as my dental insurer.  I have thanked her each time I see her.

I see the dentist twice a year.  The total charge for my most recent appointment was $188.  Received a reimbursement check from Aetna Dental in the amount of $164. BlueCross BlueShield will reimburse me $24 (and who knows when that check will arrive).  Reimbursement = 100%!!

Although this is “found money” as one friend labels reimbursement, I can’t spend it freely.  As of April this year I stopped making principal payments on my 2nd trust and have been setting aside that money in a savings account.  But this “found money” will be applied to my 2nd trust (yippee).  


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