Received an e-mail this morning about an upcoming workshop.

Make a Free Family Website in One Week.

Dates: July 24-31, 2013

Workshop: Want to start a genealogy blog or family website to share your research – but are you stumped by tech jargon, or stymied by coding and technical aspects?

Cost: $129.99 (or $103.99 with 20% discount).

Maybe it’s just me. Delete the word free if you charge for this workshop!


Out of stock

Attending a funeral tomorrow morning. A friend from church – her mother passed after a long illness.

I stopped by CVS Pharmacy to select an appropriate sympathy card. I planned to purchase a card expressing sympathy for the loss of your mother. The problem – no such card on the shelf.  There were two sympathy cards for loss of a father. And sympathy cards for loss of other family members: brother, sister, husband, wife, sister-in-law. But none for loss of a mother. Really disappointed. My only option was to purchase the most appropriate sympathy card which didn’t identify a relationship. 😦

Medical Appointments & Parking

The parking fees vary wildly by location. At one appointment  in Chevy Chase, Maryland the fee for under 2 hours was $6. Not bad. Of course if I had been seen much earlier (I arrived for my 11:15 appt at 10:55 & at 12:00 I asked when I would be seen – particularly in light of other patients arriving after & being seen before me – and I was a new patient at this office. But that’s a story for another post), the fee would have been less.

In contrast I was charged $23 for the same period of time for an appointment in DC – Golden Triangle business district. Since this appointment was in the middle of the day, my only option was to drive. Boy that parking garage is truly raking in the dough!

Is this card in your wallet?


I spent over $600

to have a drip irrigation system installed to water my vegetable plots. Hmm, since it has been installed , it has been off more than half of the time because of the heavy, non-stop rain in DC in June and now July.

My rain barrel has stopped collecting water because it is filled to the tippy top.

If only Mother Nature had hinted that she would pour so much rain in DC. I could have put that $600 to good use elsewhere.

And here’s hoping rain doesn’t delay the Washington Nationals’ baseball game tomorrow.

Happy Fourth of July!