Why you should ALWAYS obtain a 2nd opinion

For many months I heard noises from the roof of my house. Are the steps of the birds and squirrels that loud? Or had a racoon manage to pry itself into my attic? Since I could not determine the cause, I called a roofing company to inspect my roof. The cost for this service was $250.

About a week after the inspection, I was informed that my roof was in very good condition. No holes were found. There was a problem. The flashing was in poor condition and needed to be replaced. I was told this task would take four days. The price tag – $9275.

I was stunned, speechless. And i have some money in savings but I would have to use up most of that savings to pay the bill.

At first I was resigned. My mother prodded me, even though she had used thus company in the past and was pleased with their work, get a 2nd opinion. She told me to ask a neighbor across the street who recently had his roof replaced.

I decided instead to ask my boss. He reviewed the estimate and conducted some research. His conclusion – the company is charging too much. I told i expected the task to cost between $2,000-3,000. He agreed. He told the amount the company will charge is the cost to replace an entire roof. My boss advised me to get a 2nd opinion. I mentioned a neighbor who recently had his roof replaced. He said ask him. (Yes, I know, what mom told me).

In speaking with my neighbor i learned he was very pleased. I also learned the company that did the work, its president is the head of a networking group of small business owners (my neighbor is a member).

I called this gentleman. He came out the next