Get Tech Savvy!

My credit union has a Tech Expo at three of its branches today. Learn about online banking, bill pay, online statement & mobile banking. I applaud my credit union for offering such an expo to ensure all members are comfortable with technology.

Btw, I use all services except mobile banking. May do so when I get a new smartphone. 🙂 


A reason to shop Costco online

You can make purchases with other major credit cards!!

Today I purchased a high chair from Costco (cheaper than Amazon or Target).  Was thrilled that I could pay with a credit card other than American Express.  

When I visit the local Costco, I pay with cash since I don’t have an American Express card (and don’t want one).

I’ll be shopping at Costco online more frequently.  🙂  And shipping is free.  Yippee!

The kindness of a stranger

Yesterday as I approached the door at Dunkin Donuts, an older woman with a walker asked me if i wanted a free drink? I was a little puzzled. She gave me a card where one would receive a free ice tea or ice coffee on Mondays through mid October. I replied thank you. And then I asked, what about one for yourself? She replied she already received her free drink.

I walked in the store & purchased my items & gave the cashier the card for the free drink.

After leaving the store I realized the cashier did not return the card. Darn it! I had intended to pass on the card to someone else to get a free drink next Monday 😦