Not for Purposes Intended

Yesterday received in the mail a check for $132.23 representing a surplus from my escrow account. This morning I took this check from my credit union to the same credit union to deposit as a principal payment on the 2nd trust (along with .77 cents). I endorsed the cashier’s check payable to me as in previous years.

This morning the teller instructed me to endorse the back of the cashier’s check “not for purposes intended.” Befuddled, I asked “why?” She replied because the cashier’s check is payable to me. Didn’t make any sense but I followed her instruction.

Funny, if I had cashed that check, I would not have had to include the special endorsement. But because I used the cashier’s check to pay down my own debt, I had to include a special endorsement.

Just proves they want us individuals to be enslaved by debt!!


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