It finally happened yesterday . Tenants were evicted from a family member ‘s rental property. These tenants , at one point , did not pay rent for six months. The family member incurred a lot of legal bills.

These tenants appeared in court multiple times. At one point they told the judge they would make payments based on a schedule they (the tenants ) proposed . And they failed to abide by their own payment plan.

These tenants have been stringing along the family member landlord for sometime. I guess they assume they could continue their game. They guessed wrong . Good riddance !

You may think I am cruel ( I ‘m not ). The landlord must pay property taxes twice a year, must maintain a basic business license , pays a property manager, funds the upkeep of property, etc. And until recently , if you owed taxes on your real property in the District of Columbia, even as little as $150, one could lose the house ( as profiled in a recent series by The Washington Post).

It’s not easy being a landlord in a city that is so pro tenant. But the times are a changing . With gentrification individuals and businesses will push for laws that are more pro landlord because we landlords provide that steady stream of revenue for the city. And hey city government , you want your taxes and fees paid on time, right? Well don’t hinder landlords’ efforts to collect overdue rent or evict non-paying tenants .


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