You are purchasing an age restricted item


What? That’s what the computer blared as I attempted to purchase my items via self checkout at the grocery store yesterday. What age restricted item did I purchase? I looked at the screen. Lord have mercy, the cough syrup? The cough syrup! I had to wait for an employee to come and “approve ” my purchase. Meanwhile I explained to the customer behind me that the cough syrup is age restricted.

When I picked up the box yesterday I did not see the side of the box with the warning to parents. I have taken a photo of the warning.

When the employee arrived at the checkout, I explained what happened. She didn’t bother to ask for identification to confirm I was 18 years or older.

Crazy. What a paternalistic environment we live in. And this doesn’t bold well for the future . Imagine , in a couple of years, as you attempt to purchase a bag of potato chips, you will be warned: “consuming this item may lead to obesity.”


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