Smart to Procrastinate

Warning: a spoiled federal government employee post.

For the previous 11 years at my job , a wellness nurse has visited the job site to administer the flu shot . This year, likely due to the government shutdown , employees were informed no flu shot would be administered at the job site . No visit by a wellness nurse? Bummer. We were given however vouchers to obtain a flu shot at a local CVS Pharmacy (value of $15). What ?
Who is the Tom , Dick or Harry at CVS who will administer the flu shot? The more I thought about this , the more uncomfortable I became.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to visit my internist to obtain the flu shot . The issue became coordinating my schedule. So meanwhile, no flu shot.

Yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail from HR advising a well nurse will be on site next Thursday. Made my day! I immediately responded asking for the 1st available time slot . Received a confirmatory e-mail a few minutes later.

I inquired if my boss and work colleague had seen the e – mail . My boss had and scheduled his appointment 5 Minutes after mine. My work colleague had not seen the e-mail. But she too needed to schedule an appointment with the Wellness Nurse to get her flu shot.

I guess we all are procrastinators!!


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